Ariane Le Couteur

Born in 1957, Ariane Le Couteur, whose roots on her father’s side are in the Finistère region (Brittany), has a passion for the sea and for film. It was at film school (ESRA in Paris) that she met her future associates and co-founders of L’envol: Olivier Morel and Hugues de Rosière.
After a first experience as a script girl, then as an editor working in fiction, on trailers, magazines, and documentaries, in 1983 she co-founded L’envol.
In the 1980s she directed cultural and institutional films as well as several documentaries, and from 1995 she produced or co-produced close to fifty documentaries with French broadcasters such as Arte, France 2, France 3, France 5, Canal +, Planète, Mezzo … and with producers such as Les Films d’Ici, Interscoop, Dune, Lapsus, No One, Adamis…
In 2004, she graduated from Eurodoc (the European documentary production training programme) which enabled her to further develop her capacities as a producer and to start international co-productions.

One of her mottos is: “A petty impatience can ruin a great project” (Confucius).