Olivier Morel

Born in Paris in 1957, as a child Olivier Morel was introduced to the world of film and theatre by his father, actor Jacques Morel. It was at film school (ESRA in Paris) that he met the associates with whom he later founded L’Envol: Ariane Le Couteur and Hugues de Rosière.

After leaving film school he made a short film, “La dernière parade” then worked as an assistant editor and as an editor in chief on ten feature films until 1985.

In 1983 he founded L’Envol and started producing short films and working as a director and cameraman on institutional films and documentaries while developing L’Envol’s line production activity.

When L’Envol became a limited company in 1987, he became the CEO and contributed to its development by setting up two African subsidiaries, L’Envol Ivoire and L’Envol Sénégal, and by actively taking part in the creation of Big Mama, a top- of-the-range post-production company.

His interest in Africa led him to produce and direct a monthly 52-minute magazine from 2000 to 2002 for TV5 Africa: “L’Afrique de demain” (Tomorrow’s Africa).

Since 1999, while managing the company he has been producing and directing commercials for the whole of French-speaking Africa.