Director : Armelle Brusq

Douglas Kennedy is a phenomenon, a writer of best-sellers, the author of adventure novels about people whose lives are headed for ruin but turn out well.
He too teetered on the brink at one time of his life but was saved by work. According to him, he might well have ended up like one of the heroes in his novels, haunted by nightmares, if it weren't for his scrupulously writing 1000 words per day. Something he does wherever he is, in his house in London, in his studio in Paris or in Berlin, or in his home in America on the coast of Maine.
Through an account of his daily life, his roots, his family, his travels, his constant activity, and his taste for literature, boxing, photography, cinema, and music, this film sketches a portrait of an American writer who has chosen to live in exile in Europe. The fast pace of the film matches his writing style, and without over-insisting, evokes his tormented childhood and current life, thus providing a rare insight into the world of a writer seen here as a worker in front of his machine.

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