• We produce collections of documentaries or single films on themes dealing with discovery and adventure, social issues, politics, education, and culture, as well as corporate and institutional films. We produce 3 to 5 documentaries per year with the main French documentary broadcasters (Arte, France Télévisions, Canal +, Planète…), we are interested in producing films with international potential and do not hesitate to co-produce with foreign companies.
    Producing documentaries is a constant battle and we are supportive of filmmakers committed to important causes.  By accompanying them in their creative approach we endeavour to provide them with the means to produce ambitious films.
  • Our guiding principles:

    - Satisfying our curiosity while adopting a point of view that a wider audience can relate to.

    - Privileging films which attempt to represent the role of the human species in the world; this world which it discovers, invents, and transforms, but which it also depends on.

    - Seeking the best treatment for a subject, but above all to reach out to the audience by telling original stories.

    - Getting up close to the individual whose story is universal and exploring a world the cinematographic quality of which is able to convey a strong emotional impact on the spectator. 
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